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Sedona Healing Massage Specials

Sedona Healing Lotus

A Sedona massage from Michelle Jack is special in itself. Then take advantage of one of our online special offers such as hot stones and you’ll feel profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated. This is a key to your healing Sedona massage experience.  Call today to book your massage and take advantage of these online specials.

* Please mention these offers when scheduling.

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Online Specials:

Hot Stones added at no extra charge for 90 minute services.

Take Advantage of the Hot Stone Therapy Special Offer

Sedona Arizona - A magical healing place.We all experience muscle stiffness and joint pain as a way of life. Often it is not until we receive therapeutic massage that we realize how much energy is consumed by coping with tension and pain. Hot Stone Therapy helps to release all  tension and knots caused by pain. The Hot Stone treatment releases stress, anxiety, and allows us to slow down and pay attention to our health. Massage and Hot Stones help increase your awareness of your body’s needs and can be an essential first step that supports your body in the healing process.

“There is always something rich and profound happening in and around us that is often missed because we are preoccupied with what has happened or what will happen. It’s important to quiet the mind so we can journey inside and experience profound new possibilities for health and well being.” – Michelle Jack

A Sedona Massage and Hot Stone Therapy is the perfect catalyst for this inner exploration of body, mind, and Spirit which allows us to experience our bodies in a pleasurable and positive manner. This also helps us to tap into our own inner wisdom and insight. Our worries and concerns dissolve as you relax into a more natural sense of Self and access a place of healing.

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