Sunday, July 14, 2024

Testimonials to Michelle Jack’s unique gifts and services


“Dear Friends, Colleagues and Visitors, I want to personally recommend the wonderful massage work of Michelle Jack in Sedona, Arizona.  I have been getting massages regularly for over 25 years and she is the best masseuse I have ever had, bar none.  Not only does she have the physical techniques and skill mastery to deliver a wide range of massage styles, her intuitive and sensitive touch is amazing.  Her hands seem to sense and know what your body needs right now.”

“She has helped me recover from two leg injuries – a broken knee cap and a serious calf strain.  In both cases, her worked relieved the pain and discomfort.  But, beyond that I believe her ability accelerated my healing and helped me get back to hiking and biking very quickly.  In addition to the physical benefits of her work, I have experienced deep relaxation and peace of mind during and after each massage.  I always feel like I’m floating for the rest of the day.  My life partner Laurie has a similar respect for and deep appreciation of Michelle’s abilities as a massage therapist.”  Enjoy Her Gifts, – Dave Jenks

“After several years of massage therapy, I sought out Michelle because of her background in Neuromuscular massage. My ultra-marathon running has torn up my body and in a no time, Michelle has been able to locate my problem areas and more importantly fix me. Muscle spasms have been eliminated and a constant pain in my hamstrings is a thing of the past. She must be psychic because I have no clue how she is able to locate the trigger points that need attention but she finds and fixes my muscle pains in every session. Running had become a chore until I met Michelle – now I am back! Michelle is simply FANTASTIC.” – Ken Ekman, Prescott, AZ

“I have had regular massage for just over twenty years, and from Michelle for the most recent two years. I have found that Michelle’s extensive knowledge of different therapeutic techniques–always at her command–have made these latest two years the best of the lot. I look forward to each session.” – Ross Hawkins, Sedona, AZ

“I was referred to Michelle by a friend and have been with her ever since. She has a deep understanding of my body’s energy and can sense where she needs to work. I am feeling more energetic and in tune with my body since working with Michelle.” – Laurie Hathorn, Sedona, AZ

“After receiving five sessions from Michelle, I am increasingly impressed with her intuitive ability to find what my body is doing, exactly what it needs, and how my problem areas are linked together. Before I can even describe my aches and pains, she has found them and is making them feel better! Her range of technical skill and training is impressive, but what distinguishes her from other very good massage therapists is her constant presence and astute attention to my body at any given time. I always leave her table with a deep relaxation and the feeling that my body is free to reinvent itself from a wholer place.” – Clint Frakes, Sedona, AZ